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Renata Centurión

My mission is to find what bothers customers and help them understand that their processes can be more productive and interesting. I’ve been working with B2B sales for more than 20 years, in multinational companies like Bayer, Merial, Groupon others.

I believe that sales is about caring for people and each other problems, listening, to help them solve issues in a better way. Knowing and meeting different people, building trust and delivering value. That’s why I love this environment.

About me: Can you figure out a big Italian family? If you do, you know me. I’m the second oldest of twenty cousins, but the first baby girl. I was always given lots of attention and always had some responsibility helping others, even since I was little. I come from a family of teachers, mixed with sales. I think that’s why I’m always caring for people’s problems, trying to understand and help.

The first job I had was working in an Animal Hospital. It was a fast-changing and fast-learning environment with lots of team working. Everybody needed to decide and act very fast. It was the difference to save some lives… What a parallel with sales!

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