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Fiona Chiu

Favorite quote:

"All models are wrong, but some are useful."-George Box

Ask me about:

- Data Visualization & Analytics, Operations Research (statistical methods like Regression analysis), Finance (forecasting & revenue modelling)
- Metalsmithing, hikes & food spots in Vancouver


My key areas of expertise

Revenue Architecture - Bowtie Data ModelRevenue Architecture - Growth ModelRevenue Architecture - GTM ModelRevenue Architecture - Operating ModelGTM - Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)GTM - SaaS Benchmark MetricsGTM - SaaS Roles and Org DesignGTM - Team CompensationGTM - Sustainable GrowthRevenue Enablement - Sales Enablement Technology IntegrationCRM TrackingKPI DefinitionAdvance Data Analysis & Modeling

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My Key Points

  • There are various breakpoints along the revenue growth curve. Where we see a lot of companies failing (lately) boils down to 1) insufficient Data Model, 2) misaligned GTM model, and 3) lack of repeatable process.
  • The data foundation is often overlooked when companies are starting to grow, as the benefits of a customer-centric data model and the commitment to tracking is not immediate. For early stage Revenue leaders, do not miss the opportunity as this will serve you in the long run.
  • For Revenue leaders who have been growing really quickly: While data is important for decision-making, there’s also an opportunity cost of waiting. Tackle the data foundation concurrently with ensuring your GTM motion is aligned with your best-fit customers.
  • For Revenue leaders trying to scale: Remember, “process turns humans into engines”. If you want consistent, repeatable and scalable outputs, first figure out what works, coach to drive consistency in behaviour, and leverage insights to make adjustments.

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