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Alia Pirani

Favorite quote:

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."-Maya Angelou

Ask me about:

- Music
- How to build strategic and authentic professional relationships
- How to give the best gift - to friends, family, coworkers, customers, potential customers!
- How to curate experiences to deepen relationships and build customer advocacy (i.e. have your customers build and enhance your net new and expansion pipeline)
- Train-the-trainer, onboarding, learning programs, education, and pedagogy, within and outside of tech/CS


My key areas of expertise

Customer Success - ExpansionCustomer Success - Handling Difficult ConversationsCustomer Success - Joint Impact PlanningCustomer Success - OnboardingCustomer Success - RenewalsSales Coaching - Stakeholder ManagementSales Coaching - Trade vs. NegotiateSales Coaching - StorytellingSales Coaching - Relationship MappingSales Coaching - DiagnosingSales Coaching - DiscoveryManager Coaching - Developing a Coaching CadenceManager Coaching - Effective 1:1’sManager Coaching - REKS FrameworkCurriculum DevelopmentRevenue Enablement - Coaching & Skills AdoptionRevenue Enablement - SPICEDGTM - Account PlanningGTM - Hosting Effective KickoffsCustomer ExperienceCustomer AdvocacyAdvocate MarketingCorporate Gift StrategyProfessional ServicesEffective Communication/WritingRemote Learning Experience

Some of my clients

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My Key Points

  • Get buy in from your FLMs on any and every strategy. Real buy in, not lip service. If you don’t have it, ask what the holdout is. Enable FLMs to harness their teams at a grassroots level. No matter how brilliant your strategy, if you don’t have FLM buy in, you’re destined to fail. And don’t forget to hold these folks accountable too.
  • Pay transparency. Move the dial to narrow the gender pay gap. You don’t know many great team members you’re missing out on or the impact they can bring when you’re transparent and equitable about compensation.
  • Invest in the right side of the bowtie. If customers aren’t using your product, achieving impact, advocating for your product, telling other people about all the impact they’re getting from your product, you can forget about renewals, let alone expansion and recurring revenue. The folks talking to your customers day in and day out, executing these motions, live on the right side.
  • Talk to folks on the right side of the bowtie. Make sure they know they’re not just the forgotten younger siblings of the (left side) Sales team. And hold the left side of the bowtie accountable for doing solid handoffs to the right side. Handoffs are not hard; they just have to be done consistently and completely.
  • Take a look at your peers and SLT. Does everyone look the same? Check your biases and build a deliberately diverse team. One where everyone doesn’t look like you.

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