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Amanda Naso

Favorite quote:

"What gets measured gets managed."-Peter Drucker

Ask me about:

- Unexceptional REP PRODUCTIVITY
- A TECH STACK (especially Salesforce) that has not lived up to its promises
- Spreadsheet mania, rather than actual INSIGHTS that inform the direction of your GTM
- RevOps as ticket-takers rather than a strategic lever for growth (with a clear ROADMAP linked to KPIs)


My key areas of expertise

Revenue Architecture - Bowtie Data ModelGTM - Technology Stack MaturityGTM - SaaS Benchmark MetricsRevenue Enablement - Sales Enablement Technology IntegrationRevenue Enablement - SPICED

Some of my clients

My Key Points

  • Poor results are symptoms of underlying issues in strategy. With some quantitative and qualitative analysis, you can diagnose the underlying issues and build out a roadmap for truly improving the business.
  • In terms of Revenue Operations, I’ve seen what works as a strategic multiplier and what fails miserably. Let’s chat.