Transform your SKO to a Revenue Kickoff

SKO Sales Kick Off - Revenue Kickoff

The Modern RKO: A Revenue Kick Off

Mini SKO Sales Kick Off

How we help drive greater ROI from your revenue kick off

Engaging remote keynote, customized based on your business. Keynotes delivered by seasoned and proven industry leaders, delivered with full production team and streaming-quality technology

Training that sticks. Get SaaS sales training that your team needs for success, and reinforce the skills through impact coaching for your reps to support them through their deals.

On-demand skills training for your reps. Salespeople need to learn and refresh their skills throughout the year; enable them with on-demand memberships to modern skills training, that they access on demand, right when they need it.

  • Professional, remotely delivered keynote
  • High production value
  • Custom based on your strategic goals and priorities
  • Informed by interviews of key stakeholders on your team
  • Interactive sessions with role plays and exercises to engage the team
  • Led by expert dedicated trainers
  • Curriculums and courses for every customer-facing GTM motion
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • On-demand, remote access to fundamental skills for each role
  • Includes how-to videos, checklists, templates and examples
  • New content added every quarter

Learn best practices use to use at your revenue kick off event for a better SKO

See examples of our training experience and how it is delivered

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