Customers are getting stuck at the point of Indecision

More and more buyers are struggling with indecision, leading to more deals getting lost before a purchase decision is made.

Mid-market and enterprise sellers need a specific toolset for how to overcome a buyer’s indecision, which means learning specific strategies for how to dial down the customer’s fear of making a purchase mistake.

WbD and Matt Dixon, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Challenger Sale and The Jolt Effect, have teamed up to deliver live training to help reps address this phenomenon of customer indecision. The Jolt Effect is Dixon’s best-selling book, released in 2022, reveals why customers tend to chose inaction over action, and the counterintuitive playbook that high performers can use to overcome customer indecision and close more deals.


Improve close rates by up to 30%

Teach your reps how to overcome the phenomenon of Customer Indecision

Taught via engaging workshops

Deliver interactive training to your team in your next Kick Off or team training

Based on The JOLT Effect

Learn more about the best selling book and its insights from 2.5M sales conversations


Keynote: Overcoming Customer Indecision (1hr)

  • Three types of indecision: Concern about making the wrong choice, lack of information, and outcome uncertainty
  • Taking risk off the table: Setting expectations, downside risk protection, and starting smaller

Interactive Breakout Groups (2hrs)

  • Hands-on deal working sessions: Setting up actual deal examples, and how to analyze and approach them
  • Breakouts and team presentations: Create solutions in small group breakouts, and present for discussion

…customized to your team and process, with:

  • Pre-attendee survey to understand current process and issues
  • 2hrs of stakeholder interviews to dive deeper into current pain points
  • Customized posters to visualize your own sales process
  • Onsite or live remote delivery with professional tech setup

The JOLT Effect books included for up to 30 attendees


Does JOLT only apply for Enterprise sellers?

No – the JOLT framework can be used by anyone in a closing role who encounters customer indecision.

Can you deliver this onsite at our SKO?

Yes! We are delivering these keynotes and workshops both remotely via Zoom, or onsite at your training location, whether that’s your office, SKO event, or other venue.

I have a large group; how many trainers will you be providing for the event?

For groups with 50 attendees or fewer, we can facilitate quite easily with one trainer.

For groups with more than 50 attendees, we recommend having a second assistant trainer.

Ready for live training?