Our founder grew up with software development kits — component kits that allowed anyone to build a project, tinker with it, explore the parts, and see how they all work together to form the whole system.

Component parts that all fit together . . . and sales is no different.

Every recurring revenue business should have access to the proper components —
to be able to build off of the components, use the proven foundation, and create a custom system that meets their needs to be successful in their market.

What makes this possible?
The fundamental principles for selling a recurring revenue product are consistent and do not change,

and any practitioner can apply a cohesive operating model

using a defined process, with ‘turn-by-turn’ directions at each stage,

and with Customer Impact at the core of every motion.

The GTM Playbook Development Kit allows you to do that.

Use these components to build your own sales process, using the principles that have been proved out by SaaS unicorn companies that have successfully applied these principles to achieve growth and profitability.

Build upon them, make them their own, share it with your team, and continuously improve it over time.

Access the Fundamental Principles and Sales Process Overview below, and then pull in the blueprints that apply to your process to complete the picture.