To achieve scalable, sustainable, and durable growth, you first need to align your GTM team around a common language and common customer journey centered around recurring impact. We can help facilitate the process of aligning your GTM team around the principle of recurring impact, extending your funnel to a ‘Bowtie’, and starting the process of designing your integrated GTM motion.

During this live workshop led by a certified WbD Revenue Architect, you and your GTM Executive Team will understand how the impact mindset and a continuous improvement framework using sprints could apply to your business.

By the end of this session, you and your Executive Team should be aligned on the Go To Market model to focus on and have adopted a Data Model to analyze your business:

  1. Analyze our existing GTM motions and decide which one to focus on
  2. Introduce the Bowtie Data Model and use it to map your customer impact journey & metrics
  3. Decide how to further investigate the opportunities to optimize your GTM motions

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is tailored for the visionaries and leaders shaping your organization’s GTM strategy. We recommend the following roles attend, but at least two of your GTM functions:

  • Chief Revenue Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • CMO (or functional lead)
  • Chief Customer Officer (or function lead)
  • Revenue Operations and/or Financial Planning & Analysis Leaders
  • (Optional) Head of Product (especially if you’re product-led)

Your company qualifies for this workshop if:

  • You have full Bowtie GTM Leadership Team participation (at least 3 exec team members)
  • You have a recurring revenue business model (SaaS)
  • Your ARR is $10M+

Workshop Agenda


  • Executive team ACE (agenda, confirm time, end goal)
  • Overview of key frameworks:
    • Revenue Architecture
    • The Bowtie Data Model
    • The SPICED Framework

GTM Alignment

  • Introduction of the GTM Model and applying it to your business
  • Understanding impact and critical events for your customers
  • Bringing it all together with the Bowtie Data Model
  • GTM Blink Analysis, with identification of potential problem areas and opportunities
  • Feedback Roundtable
  • Guidance and agreement on next steps

Ready to get started?

Pricing: $5,600