Improving the performance of the 40%

Solving Underperformance: How to Lift Up the 40%

Underperformance is plaguing SaaS companies everywhere — and the problem is more acute than most revenue leaders realize.

How serious is this issue? In the past, the top 20% of sales reps were considered high performers or ‘superstars.’ However, by 2023, this number has dwindled to just 4%. Meanwhile, the group of lowest performers, those far from meeting quota, used to constitute the bottom 10% of the team. By 2023, this percentage has surged to 28%.

What GTM teams need is a solution that drives impact, and quickly — within 60-90 days. The solution lies with the 40% of your team that is sitting just below the ‘normal’ performance line. This is the group that you can lift up.  

In this workshop, we show how you can elevate this 40% of your sales team to deliver at normal levels and get back to sustainable growth. 

When you accomplish this, you can get closer to running your revenue team as a modern Revenue Factory.

This workshop is best for: 

  • CROs & Sales Leaders
  • GTM Strategy & Optimization roles
  • Enablement leads

Things you’ll learn:

  • Why existing, traditional training solutions cannot quickly solve this problem
  • The importance of performance management to ensure “it sticks” and provides accountability
  • How to design “sprints” focused on incremental improvements that stick and have an outsized impact over time, ultimately creating a process and culture of ongoing improvement and productivity


Jacco van der Kooij
Winning by Design

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