Unlocking the Bowtie Data Model for your team

A new open standard – the Bowtie Data Model – has just been made available for all recurring revenue businesses.

These standards offer clear frameworks for your GTM teams to unite under shared goals and a common language, all purpose-built for recurring revenue GTM teams.

This workshop is your gateway to unlocking the potential of the Bowtie Data Model and transforming your GTM strategies. WbD founder Jacco van der Kooij will explain the model and its practical applications, with specific examples on how you can use these to align your team and drive durable revenue growth into 2024.

This workshop is best for: 

  • CROs & Sales Leaders
  • GTM Strategy & Optimization roles
  • Enablement leads

Things you’ll learn:

  • The key elements of the Bowtie Data Model
  • The key metrics of the model and how they are defined
  • Practical applications of the Data Model
  • How to use this model to facilitate shared goals for your entire GTM team heading into 2024


Jacco van der Kooij
Winning by Design

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