This workshop is best for:

  • Chief Revenue Officers
  • Revenue Operations leaders
  • Anyone interested in applying PLG to their recurring revenue business

Less than 10% of software companies were built from the ground up with PLG as their primary GTM (think DocuSign, Zoom, Slack, Canva…)

But what about the other 90% of companies that weren’t built that way? Hubspot, MongoDB, Mixpanel, Snowflake…

Most recurring revenue companies are at this moment trying to reverse their stagnant or declining growth.

Is firing up a PLG motion the right solution? It might be.

This workshop will dig into if and how you should be considering PLG for your business, how to get started, and how to optimize it for continuous improvement.

Things you’ll learn:

  • The scenarios where you should consider adding a PLG GTM to your business
  • Why you must have a laser focus on Customer Acquisition Cost
  • How to get your company aligned to the PLG motion
  • Setting expectations for what success looks like


Dave Boyce
PLG Practice Lead
Winning by Design
Ben Williams
PLG Executive

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