Recurring revenue companies that adopt The SPICED Framework not only witness an improvement in skills and alignment, but also experience results at scale, including significant lifts in win rate and in the speed of the sales cycle.

What is SPICED? The SPICED framework is a foundational methodology purpose-built for recurring revenue organizations.

Most methodologies are used by only one group within the GTM team (for example, BANT used by SDRs, or MEDDIC used by AEs). But SPICED is a customer-first approach that unifies your entire go-to-market team, where everyone can use the same methodology, with the same language and terminology.

Join to learn more straight from Dan Smith, the creator of SPICED, about:

  • How it can be used to align your GTM team
  • What to look for when selecting a methodology
  • The transformative effects of operationalizing it across your teams

This workshop is best for:

  • Revenue leaders and fractional CROs who are interested in adopting a methodology for their team
  • Enablement professionals looking for best practices when rolling out a methodology
  • Individuals who want to learn more best practices for how to use the SPICED Methodology in their day-to-day

Things you’ll learn:

  • The key elements of SPICED
  • How to use SPICED to unify your go to market team
  • Best practices when rolling out a methodology such as SPICED


Dan Smith
Chief Learning Officer
Winning by Design

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