Scaling Your Customer Success Motion for SMB accounts

The data proves it: It’s far easier to expand an existing customer than to acquire a net new customer. 

Protecting retention and setting up effective expansion opportunities will be key to growth in 2023 as budgets continue to tighten and more scrutiny is applied to purchasing decisions.

There are some specific strategies that you can take to do this for your SMB customers. Join this session to learn exactly how to enable your CS team with SMB-focused expansion plays and other scalable CS motions.

The session fuses WbD frameworks and systems thinking with our CS Operating Model to provide you guidance on how to best set your smaller customers up for success.  

We’ll cover:  

  • Why and how to build effective customer segmentation
  • How to think through what scaled CS motions are right for you
  • Ways to approach CS org design to better manage scaled CS
  • Specific guidance on how to evolve and layer scaled motions into your org

Your hosts

Beth Yehaskel

Revenue Architect
Winning by Design

Jennifer Griffin

Revenue Architect
Winning by Design