RevOps in the age of AI: How to leverage data and automation for growth

AI is all the rage these days. It’s tempting to automate as much as possible. GTM teams should be thoughtful about where to apply AI in order to amplify our own knowledge and increase efficiency. You may already be applying AI to your more straightforward tasks such as data cleanup, but what about the more strategic areas? How do we apply AI successfully there?

In this session, we will demo three specific challenges in GTM, and then provide a specific demo on how to strategically apply AI


This workshop is best for:

  • Chief Revenue Officers
  • VPs / Directors of Customer Success

Things you’ll learn:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy Development – how AI can help define your ICP, prioritize target accounts, and create messaging based on company inputs
  • Operationalizing Your Strategy – how AI can help you with lead scoring, and with prioritizing leads for sales (along with reasoning for why it is a priority)
  • Data Analysis – how AI can run data analysis, develop insights, and write up actions for the revenue team to keep optimizing


Jacco van der Kooij
Winning by Design
Roee Hartuv
Roee Hartuv
Revenue Architect
Winning by Design
Charlie Saunders
Co-founder | Chief Revenue and Operations Officer

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