How To Use Gong Trackers To Reinforce Your Methodology

The best methodology is one that gets adopted. How do you get your methodology adopted by all of your reps, in the same way? Work it into your process and your toolstack.


This workshop is best for:

  • Chief Revenue Officers
  • Frontline managers
  • VP/Director of Revenue Operations

Things you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a picking a GTM Methodology, and why it’s so hard to make it stick
  • Overview of SPICED (Situation, Pain, Impact, Critical Event, Decision) Methodology
  • Different ways SPICED can be made “tangible” in the Customer Acquisition and Customer Success engines.
  • How to use Gong Trackers to reinforce SPICED
  • Measuring impact


Walter Velazquez Taboada
Data Architect
Winning by Design
Dan Smith
Chief Learning Officer
Winning by Design
Jen Coleman
Revenue Enablement Lead - AMER

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