Using a Framework to Accelerate Revenue Growth of PE-Backed Add-ons

As part of an M&A activity, there are unique challenges of merging and integrating multiple GTM teams. Teams, processes, data sets and systems all need to be aligned and integrated. Sellers need to adapt to new offerings and new customer stakeholders.

The Recurring Revenue Operating Model provides the structure that accelerates post-acquisition growth and minimizes the risk that inevitably comes with these integrations.

This session covers the specific blueprints from the Recurring Revenue Operating Model that investors and revenue leaders can use to facilitate this type of integration.

This workshop is best for:

  • Private Equity Investors
  • Executive Teams at PE-backed platform companies responsible for integrating revenue organizations after an add-on acquisition

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to apply The SPICED Framework as a core platform for driving alignment between newly integrated GTM teams
  • How to determine which customer segments to target first with the new or combined offering
  • How to determine the right packaging, and the marketing, sales and CS functions required to sell new offerings
  • Organization Design frameworks for combining revenue teams, and defining roles, responsibilities and compensation
  • Aligning the combined revenue teams on the ideal sales or expansion process and messaging
  • How to reinforce new skills and behaviors across the new GTM team so that they stick
  • A timeline for successfully launching a multi-product GTM strategy within 18 months


Victor Adefuye
Managing Director
Winning by Design
Roee Hartuv
Roee Hartuv
Growth Architect
Winning by Design
David Ellin
CS Revenue Architect
Winning by Design
Lauren Goldstein
Lauren Goldstein
Practice Lead, Private Equity Business
Winning by Design

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