Driving alignment and continuous improvements in key metrics

Rolling out a new methodology or training program is a big effort, but the program itself is just the beginning. How do you make sure that these programs stick? How do you measure and improve your priority KPIs over time? 

Ensuring that you get the impact from your programs requires a structured approach, alignment across your executive leadership team, buy-in from key stakeholders, and consistent measurement and examination of results over time. 

In this workshop, Winning by Design CEO Dominique Levin will share how our most successful customers are able to continuously improve their results over time by implementing an “Impact Office”, which serves as the cockpit of GTM measurement. 

This workshop is best for:

  • CEOs, CROs
  • GTM Strategy & Optimization roles
  • Enablement leads

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to drive alignment for key GTM initiatives across your executive leadership team
  • How to surface and prioritize new opportunities for improvement throughout the implementation
  • What a 30-60-90 day continuous improvement plan looks like


Dominique Levin
Dominique Levin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Winning by Design

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