Benchmarking to get to the right insights

“Are these results good or bad? How does this compare to what other companies our size are doing?” This is a common question that revenue leaders ask themselves when they are looking at key metrics of team performance, such as conversion rates. 

The easy answer is to compare against rates of companies that are similar in size to you. But this approach ignores the complexity that is not common from company to company, such as how many GTM motions the company has, and the segments of customers that the company serves. 

The better answer is to benchmark against your own performance, and you can do this with the Bowtie Data Model.

This workshop is best for:

  • Revenue leaders: CROs, CMOs, CEOs, Revenue Operations / Strategy

Things you’ll learn:

  • The most effective approaches to benchmarking that will give you insights you can use
  • How to use the Bowtie Data Model to gather your own data and create a benchmark
  • How to measure the data over time in order to gauge ongoing performance
  • Approaches for targeting areas of improvement based on your benchmark results


Fiona Chiu
Revenue Architect
Winning by Design
Sarah Burke Houlihan
VP Revenue Excelence

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