Best Practices for Rolling Out a Methodology to a Scaled GTM Team

Rolling out a new methodology is complex in any case – but the complexity increases when you have a larger team of several different roles, management layers, and varying experience levels.

This workshop is best for:

  • Revenue leaders who are considering (or in the process of) rolling out a new methodology to their team

Things you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals that you should put in place before any training begins
  • The type of involvement needed from each management layer (front line managers, directors, CXOs) to ensure that the rollout is a success
  • How best to engage a large group of reps in the rollout
  • The timing of when “rollout” starts and ends (hint: it’s not a one-time event)
  • Common mistakes to avoid when rolling out a methodology


Dave Boyce
Product-Led Growth Practice Lead
Winning by Design
Ian Westbrook
Sr. Director, GTM Process Strategy & Design

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