Finally, connecting the CS function to the rest of the Revenue team 

**This event will be recorded and emailed out to all registrants, if you’re not able to attend this launch session.**

The Sales function has no shortage of methodologies to choose from (MEDDIC, BANT, ANUM, etc.); many have been around for decades.

But what about CS? The CS function across the SaaS industry has been lacking in proven, reliable frameworks and guidance to help them succeed.

CS has also suffered from not being connected to the frameworks and ways of working that their sales and marketing colleagues are using, leading to poor communication, lack of speaking the same language, and a poor experience as they move through the customer journey.

To fill this gap, we are releasing the brand new Customer Success Operating Model (CS-OM) as open source, to help CS teams finally connect with the rest of the Revenue team, and reach their potential of driving far more sustainable growth and profit from the existing customer base.

What we will cover in the CS-OM:

  • Overview of the Operating Model, and how it tightly syncs with lead development and sales motions
  • Brand new Blueprints for each of the Key Moments in Onboarding, Adoption, and Expansion
  • How your CSMs and AMs can use these turn-by-turn directions to guide them in their customer meetings
  • How CS and Revenue leaders can get in sync to drive more growth across the existing customer base

Your host

Jacco van der Kooij

Winning by Design