An invite-only workshop for Customer Success and Revenue Leaders

It’s time to reconsider the role of CS in your organization. It’s no longer sufficient to simply keep customers happy, or prevent them from churning. Most fast-growing companies do not realize that CS is actually the largest profit center of the company.

There are specific things that leadership can do to make this a reality, including executive representation, tooling, staffing, training, processes, and the data model for your CS org.

In this workshop, Julie Persofsky, Managing Director from Winning by Design, will take you through the science of customer success in detail and give you actionable steps you can take as an organization to drive operational efficiency for revenue growth.

She covers the following:

  • How to model your Customer Success organization as a profit center
  • How CS teams can deliver exponential growth
  • How you can focus on higher frequency upsell opportunities to drive >40% growth

Your hosts

Julie Persofsky

Julie Persofsky

Managing Director
Winning by Design