This workshop is best for:

  • CROs
  • Enterprise sales leaders
  • Enterprise sales reps

More and more buyers are struggling with indecision, leading to more deals getting lost before a purchase decision is made.

Mid-market and enterprise sellers need a specific toolset for how to overcome a buyer’s indecision, which means learning specific strategies for how to dial down the customer’s fear of making a purchase mistake.

Join this session to see how leading mid-market and enterprise sales teams can overcome this phenomenon of customer indecision.

The session fuses the SPICED methodology from WbD with the framework from the Wall Street best-selling book “The JOLT Effect”, written by Wall Street Journal best-selling author Matt Dixon.

“The JOLT Effect” is Dixon’s best-selling book, released in 2022, reveals why customers tend to choose inaction over action, and the counterintuitive playbook that high performers can use to overcome customer indecision and close more deals.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to judge your customer’s indecision to boost close rates
  • Taking risk off the table through downside risk protection
  • The power of customer advocacy to earn a buyer’s trust
  • Why FUD fails, and the tool to help your customer not fear the finish line


Jacco van der Kooij
Winning by Design
Dan Smith
Chief Learning Officer
Winning by Design
Lindsey Bye
Lindsey Bye
Certified Trainer
Winning by Design

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