How we diagnose the GTM of hundreds of scaling SaaS businesses

Led by our seasoned Growth Architects, this session offers a deep dive into key principles, frameworks, and diagnostic strategies honed through analyzing and diagnosing the GTMs of hundreds of scaling B2B SaaS companies. Whether you’re a CEO, sales leader, CS, or marketing executive, this workshop is your gateway to understanding how to diagnose problem areas in your GTM, and to find opportunities to drive additional revenue growth for your company.

This workshop is best for: 

  • CROs, VPs of Sales / Marketing / Customer Success, RevOps
  • Any GTM leader interested in driving durable growth in their business

What we will cover:

  • How we diagnose scaling SaaS companies using Revenue Architecture frameworks
  • Real examples of gaps we identified, and we will show you how we got there
  • A defined process that you can apply at your own company in order to drive the same type of insights

You’ll come away from the session with a strong understanding of how structured Revenue Architecture frameworks and analysis are applied to deliver deep business insights and point your GTM in the right direction.  


Roee Hartuv
Roee Hartuv
Revenue Growth Architect
Winning by Design
Harry Roegiers
Head of Revenue Architecture
Winning by Design

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