Unlock the full potential of the Access Pass 

Dozens of SaaS startups, scaleups and even private equity partners of WbD are all using the brand new Revenue Architecture  Access Pass to scale their GTM training and enablement programs.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Access Pass?

Join us for this invite-only workshop designed specifically for Winning by Design customers. This session will guide you through specific use cases where the Access Pass can be applied to scale your efforts and drive more revenue using efficient and effective programs.

We want you to be able to get the maximum value from the Access Pass; this session will help you do just that.

This workshop is best for: 

  • Revenue Enablement roles
  • GTM strategy and operations roles
  • Training and Learning roles

What you’ll learn:

  • Essential Use Cases: Explore three key use cases that will help you drive significant impact using the Access Pass. Understand how to integrate these strategies into your daily operations to achieve better outcomes.
  • Peer Insights and Best Practices: Engage with fellow Winning by Design customers to share insights and best practices. Learn how other companies are successfully leveraging the Access Pass to meet their goals.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the extensive experience of our hosts, Shari Johnston and Rachael Smith. Rachael brings a wealth of knowledge and strategies from her experience prior to WbD as a global enablement leader at Dropbox, and she’s eager to share top-tier advice and strategies with you! And Shari has an exceptional view into the best practices that every WbD customer is using in order to hit their goals.

You’ll come away from this workshop with a clear understanding of how you can design and build your GTM success, with the direct support of WbD content, methodologies and certified experts – all accessible with your Access Pass subscription.


Rachael Smith
Managing Director
Winning by Design
Shari Johnston
Shari Johnston
SVP Customer Impact
Winning by Design

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