Unlock Hidden Potential: Transform Your FLMs into Powerhouse Coaches

Discover the untapped potential within your GTM team by empowering your frontline managers to become catalysts for change and revenue growth. This workshop — complete with live training demos! — dives into the crucial role that your FLMs should be playing in fostering a culture of excellence and driving significant revenue lift through effective coaching. Learn how strategic coaching can not only inspire your team but also directly contribute to your bottom line.

This workshop is best for: 

  • CROs, VPs of Sales, VPs of Customer Success, RevOps
  • Any GTM leader interested in driving durable growth in their business

What we will cover:

  • Key principles for engaging and motivating frontline managers in the change process
  • How to create an effective operating cadence that empowers frontline managers
  • Specific techniques to transform your managers into impactful coaches, inspired by successful examples from billion-dollar global SaaS companies
  • Live role-play that shows what effective FLM training can look like

You’ll come away from the session with a clear understanding of how to leverage your FLMs as revenue boosters by equipping them with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to drive meaningful change and achieve measurable business impact.


Patrick McGrann
Director of Learning & Development
Winning by Design
Melissa Huggettt
Winning by Design