What to Expect

What to expect when you work with us.

How we operate.

 100% remote.  We started as an entirely remote company, and we will remain that way. We are committed to continue innovation in remote selling, asynchronous selling, and distributed teams across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. It’s how we operate ourselves, and we love to teach others how to do the same.

 A team of operators.  We have sat in your seat as sales, marketing and customers success leaders at high growth companies. Everything we recommend is based on what we have experienced ourselves as operators and practitioners, for maximum positive Impact.

 Open source Philosophy.  We want to make an impact on as many sales people as possible, not just the ones that we work with directly. So we provide much of our content complimentary for all to consume. Access our latest Research and our recent videos on YouTube.

 Ownership.  We are an owner operated company, with entrepreneurial spirit. We’re not bound by obligations to shareholders or investors, and we’re proud to use our street smarts and agility to continue driving innovation in sales.

How we think.

 Rooted in science.  We believe in Sales as a Science, and we have the math to prove it. We’ll show you how you can use data and process-driven optimization to improve your revenue.

 Measured on impact.  We measure success based on the impact that we deliver to our customers – the same way that we train our clients to deliver impact to their customers. For that reason, we do not offer discounts. Instead, we offer the same thing we train our customers to do: we trade in order to meet your requirements.

 Visual thinking.  Visual blueprints > 40-page playbook full of text. If you want to teach your team a new process, the most effective way is to make it come to life. Everything we teach is visualized with highly visual blueprints that explain and break down complex topics.

 Your way.  We are not dogmatic about any one sales methodology. Whichever you use, we can help you optimize it for maximum impact.

How we create impact.

 True change via frontline managers.  We make change and transformation stick by enabling your frontline managers to become effective coaches. Real, lasting impact is delivered when new behaviors are championed by your frontline managers.

 Focus on the entire customer journey.  It’s not just about the sales process: all customer facing roles should build on a customer centric approach. We implement this by aligning all of your GTM teams with a shared vernacular and linked frameworks.

 Frameworks, not tricks.  What will be recommended is not a series of tricks that deliver quick results, nor is it the final iteration for your business. We aim to provide you with frameworks you can use to continue to evolve with your customer and market.

 Learning by doing.  Training should never be a one-time event, or delivered lecture-style. All of our training is based on the model of 70% practicing skills through role plays, 20% watching and learning from your peers, and 10% instruction.