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We just released our Sales Notebook

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


We tell all of our clients that preparation for moments that matter is the key to success, and that is what sales enablement is all about.  But we have found that sales professionals come from different backgrounds, and preparation means different things to different people.

So we put together a tool that structures the preparation for those key moments, whether it’s a call, an demo, or even a coffee meeting.  That tool is The Winning By Design Sales Notebook.

The notebook has several of our key Blueprints that relate to meeting preparation and note taking, and all the pages are pre-formatted so you can capture the most important information you need to make your customer successful.

We hope you enjoy it.  The notebook can be purchased on Amazon here.


Sales Enablement Notebook for SaaS Sales Professionals

The Winning by Design Sales Notebook