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Johannes Stich

Favorite quote:

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."-John A. Shedd

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strategies from idea to startup to scaleup, and how to get better in sports performance — I am a trained sports scientist and love sports.


My key areas of expertise

GTM DiagnosticsRecurring Revenue Operating ModelSales Playbook DesignDiscovery Q-Cards

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My experience prior to WbD

My key points of advice to Revenue leaders

  • Pro athletes don’t train on their greatest strength, they train on basics over and over again. Start with improving the basics.
  • Out-educate your competition. Revenue teams are not in the “always be closing” game anymore. Educate, don’t sell.
  • Consistency in language and framework across all go-to-market teams is key. Align all teams around one standardized diagnostic framework

My example Deliverables