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Jaap Westrik

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"The future belongs to the integrators."-Ernest Boyer

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Exploring new countries (60 to date); using photography to make familiar things look different.


My key areas of expertise

Growth capacity modelingRevenue org designIncentive compensation modeling

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My experience prior to WbD

My key points of advice to Revenue leaders

  • Revenue teams and finance teams speak different native languages. Their common language is grounded in accurate and complete data that is translated into insights everyone can understand. Building a granular, agile, and centralized data infrastructure enables revenue and finance teams to (i) develop a shared language, (ii) establish tight feedback loops, and (iii) partner effectively in engineering growth.
  • A strong revenue team functions a lot like a strong product team: both are (i) deeply knowledgeable about the market, product, and competition, (ii) laser-focused on crisply defined objectives, and (iii) always know when the trains are running early or late. Look for opportunities to model revenue teams after product teams.
  • Revenue compensation is complex by nature. But for compensation plans to work, they need to be (i) kept as simple as possible and (ii) directly connected to the company’s growth strategy.

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