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Elizabeth Italiano

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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."-Maya Angelou

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Running, sports (especially hockey), food & wine, DIY home improvement projects, real estate, books


My key areas of expertise

GTM DiagnosticsSales PlaybooksCustomer Success PlaybooksOrg & Comp Design

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My key points of advice to Revenue leaders

  • Democratize data across your organization ensuring everyone across your business has access to the data and KPIs that will allow for data driven decisions. Do not allow for blind spots in sales, marketing or customer success performance or else you risk identifying problematic trends or missed opportunities that can negatively impact revenue. Understanding the economics of your company should be a non negotiable across all leaders.
  • Align your GTM strategy to your organizational structure, KPIs and comp. This will drive the right behaviors that are focused on a common goal across all roles within the organization ensuring a scalable, predictable and consistent approach to growing and retaining revenue.
  • Establishing your GTM strategy and understanding your ICP is an imperative in scaling your organization and realizing revenue growth.
  • Investing in a predictable and programmatic buyer and customer journey will pay dividends. Equipping your front line teams with a sales and customer engagement process that aligns with your GTM will allow reps and managers to focus on executing within their roles which will result in increased sales and higher customer retention. Don’t force your front line team members to re-invent the wheel with every prospect or client interaction!

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