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Roee Hartuv

Favorite quote:

"I gotta get on that Internet. I'm late on everything."-Jerry Seinfeld

Ask me about:

DIY home projects, aviation and helicopters, everything about coffee. Oh, and I can also talk about startups, investors, growth strategies, and everything in between.


My key areas of expertise

Revenue Architecture - Bowtie Data ModelRevenue Architecture - GTM ModelRevenue Architecture - Operating ModelRevenue Architecture - Growth ModelGTM - Leadership AlignmentGTM - Enterprise Sales DesignGTM - SaaS Benchmark MetricsGTM - Sustainable GrowthManager Coaching - Managing with MetricsCustomer Success - ExpansionChange Management

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My Key Points

  • Great leaders keep it simple. They know the critical two leading metrics that enable their people and use them to know whether they are on target to make their numbers.
  • The most effective coaching takes the form of helping your people think, not solving their problems for them.
  • People buy from the people they trust, they trust the people they like, they like the people they connect with.

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