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Rachel Sasser

Favorite quote:

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."-Ira Glass

Ask me about:

I have a background in law as well as copywriting, so I'm all about the written word. I've also uprooted my life from North Carolina to Spain, with a long period of working remotely around the world in between, so ask me anything about travel!


My key areas of expertise

Sales Coaching - Persona-Based MessagingSales Coaching - StorytellingSales Coaching - Discovery

Some of my clients

My Key Points

  • Replacing pitching with storytelling is the fastest way to level up your team’s sales skills. It instantly instills trust in your buyer and makes you more memorable.
  • Encourage sellers to be curious. When you keep an open mind and genuinely want to learn more about your prospect, you slow down and ask more questions upfront to ensure you thoroughly understand and diagnose your prospect before prescribing. It instills a mentality of service before selling. And for new sellers, it’s hard to be nervous when you’re being curious!