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Beth Yehaskel

Favorite quote:

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."-Maya Angelou

Ask me about:

Revenue Architecture and systems thinking! It's so important that leaders understand the importance of a healthy GTM system, not just strong independent parts. It's also critical to use data to continually adjust your business as you move and evolve along the growth curve.

Outside of Revenue Architecture, I have many years of experience in both Customer Success and Business Operations, and I'm a certified Executive Coach and work with a range of leaders in that capacity.

Beyond professional experiences, I love reading, writing, spending time in the outdoors, and doing jigsaw puzzles!


My key areas of expertise

Customer Success - ExpansionCustomer Success - Joint Impact PlanningCustomer Success - OnboardingCustomer Success - Handling Difficult ConversationsCustomer Success - RenewalsGTM - Sustainable GrowthRevenue Architecture - Bowtie Data ModelRevenue Architecture - Growth ModelRevenue Architecture - GTM ModelRevenue Architecture - Operating ModelRevenue Enablement - Methodology Adoption Best PracticesRevenue Enablement - SPICED

Some of my clients

My Key Points

  • Ensure your GTM leadership is aligned in their thinking, use data and models to understand what is working and where you may be going off course, and invest in skills training!
  • Small improvements in every touchpoint during a sales or customer journey cycle can compound!

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Revenue Architecture
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