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Aurélien Tardieu

Favorite quote:

"Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again."-Richard Branson

Ask me about:

My role is to support our customers as a Revenue Architect by performing analysis and diagnostic of GTM motions in order to advise on best practices for Revenue and Performance Metrics, GTM Strategy, Org Structure, Processes, Enablement materials, Skills Training and Coaching.

I am also trainer for our French Revenue Architecture Course (ROM) to teach revenue leaders how to architect their revenue in order to achieve sustainable growth by understanding the fundamental principles of recurring revenue.

I am passionate about the mountains! Ski touring or off-piste skiing in the winter, cycling, hiking and rafting in the summer. It's the place where I recharge my batteries.


My key areas of expertise

Revenue Architecture - Bowtie Data ModelRevenue Architecture - Growth ModelRevenue Architecture - GTM ModelRevenue Architecture - Operating ModelGTM - Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)GTM - Sustainable GrowthGTM - Leadership AlignmentGTM - SaaS Roles and Org DesignProspecting - Effective ResearchRevenue Enablement - SPICEDFrench Market

Some of my clients

My Key Points

  • Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. The only thing that matters is impact!
  • Get your GTM teams working together. Data and process are the foundation for progress.
  • Dare to make choices, e.g. disqualify certain prospects that do not fit your ICP or choose a priority segment and postpone another one.

Certified to teach

Revenue Architecture
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