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Patrick McGrann

Favorite quote:

"If you take care of the process, the outcome will take care of itself."-Unknown

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I am uniquely equipped to provide expert guidance and strategic insights across various Enablement domains.

Leveraging my extensive background as an Global Sales Enablement Manager and Coach in the SaaS space, I excel in building, implementing and reinforcing comprehensive sales enablement programs, ensuring seamless onboarding, ongoing training, and coaching initiatives.

My expertise extends to global and regional program management, stakeholder engagement, and leadership development. My ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve key business results, coupled with a deep understanding of various sales methodologies and technologies, uniquely positions me to offer valuable insights and actionable advice for customers seeking to enhance their sales org performance.


My key areas of expertise

Revenue Enablement - Methodology Adoption Best PracticesRevenue Enablement - Coaching & Skills AdoptionRevenue Enablement - SPICEDRevenue Enablement - Sales Enablement Technology IntegrationSales Coaching - StorytellingSales Coaching - DiscoverySales Coaching - Diagnosing Sales Coaching - Deal AnalysisManager Coaching - REKS FrameworkManager Coaching - Developing a Coaching CadenceManager Coaching - Effective 1:1’sManager Coaching - Managing with MetricsGTM - Hosting Effective KickoffsCurriculum Development

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My Key Points

  • Support for frontline managers is the single greatest thing you can do to ensure success in an enablement project.
  • The first 90 days are the most critical for new hires. To prevent regrettable attrition make sure they are fully supported with training and coaching.
  • You can’t affect outcomes. You can only affect skills, knowledge and behaviors. If you focus on the these elements, the outcomes/results will take care of themselves.

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