For an event that delivers true impact, transform your Sales Kick Off into a

Shared Kick Off

The SKO is no longer just for sales!

Your biggest internal event for your GTM org should align all GTM teams – not simply motivate your sales reps in a vacuum.

The most successful SaaS organizations achieve scale and full GTM team alignment with a Shared Kick Off, using content and training that motivates and inspires the entire GTM team. This means that Sales, Success, and Marketing functions are all integrated and included in the event. With your entire GTM team aligned on a shared mission, you are set up for success in the upcoming year.

An event that

> aligns
> inspires
> entertains
> educates
> communicates

  • Joint GTM team curriculum that brings the whole team together on mission and vision

  • Workshop tracks for each functional area with tailored, interactive content and training

  • Content includes accompanying videos, blueprints, and templates to reinforce concepts even after the event

Jacco van der Kooij

“The SKO is one of those rare moments when everyone gathers in one place: to learn from each other, to work together, and to bond as a team. What an amazing opportunity… with expert guidance, imagine what you can do with it!”

Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design

See how TripActions upleveled the skills of their revenue teams with a Shared Kick Off:

What is a Shared Kick Off from Winning by Design?


Inspire Your Entire GTM Team

Don’t leave key functions behind! Winning by Design offers training and content to unify your entire GTM team, while uniquely addressing their individual goals. We deliver training to inspire your whole team, combined with individual tracks for AEs, SDRs, Marketing, and Customer Success. The individual tracks are tailored to each role, but align the teams with common frameworks and language – ultimately, your GTM team actually starts to function as the singular unit you had envisioned.


Retain Your Investment

The best way to retain new concepts and master new skills is through repetition and practice, so training is not over when the kick off event concludes. Make sure that you maximize your investment in training with ongoing online learning, supporting videos and workbooks, guiding blueprints, and manager train-the-trainer exercises. This is a model that will deliver long term impact on your team performance.


Make It Interactive

Too many Kick Offs leave their teams numb from hundreds of PowerPoint slides. Don’t make that mistake! Experience the hands on, highly interactive, high energy approach to getting your team ready for 2020. Your team will be on their feet – engaging, role playing and practicing the exercises to walk away with the skills and tools to drive success when they are back in the office.

Session Structure


What does a Winning by Design SKO agenda look like?

  • 1 hour motivational Keynote

  • ½ day of interactive content sessions for the entire GTM team – including High Impact Coaching and role plays.

  • ½ day of 3-4 tracks of bespoke training content for each team (Account Executives, Sales Development, Customer Success, Account Based)

  • Training for managers so they can continue to enforce and teach key concepts with their teams

  • Includes supporting templates, training material, and workbooks for all attendees

GTM Team

Your Shared Kick Off Expert Team

Jacco van der Kooij

Jacco van der Kooij
Founder & Keynote Speaker

Dominique Levin

Dominique Levin

Dan Smith

Dan Smith
Chief Academic Officer

Derek Sather

Derek Sather
Partner, Sales Architect

Shari Johnston

Shari Johnston
Partner, Account Based Marketing

Emilia D’Anzica
Partner, Customer Success & Account Management

Sari Eisendrath

Sari Eisendrath
Partner, Sales Enablement

Ryan Cahill
Sales Architect

Julie Persofsky
Customer Success Architect

Ken Meyer
Sales Architect

Victor Adefuye
Sales Architect

Our programs are modular, so you can start anywhere

We’ve helped drive engaging content, agendas, and event experiences at Kick Offs for 200+ events and counting:

Motivational keynote
High impact coaching
Shared GTM strategy definition
Workshops for each role
Manager training
Agenda planning
Event planning & management

If you are interested in learning more about how Winning by Design can help design a Shared Kick Off for your GTM team, contact us here to get a quote. We would love to hear from you and help bring you success.