Connect with more target accounts to generate more pipeline

Engage with your audience through thoughtfully orchestrated touch points across channels, tailored to your Account Based Strategy.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Peace of mind that each touchpoint is thought through, planned and aligns with your ABS strategy
  • Knowledge that each play is developed with a core value exchange and relevant messaging
  • Security of knowing you have a library of communication assets at your disposal


  • Key account based play designs based on your defined Account Based Strategy
  • Communication assets for each touch point (emails, LinkedIn messages, call scripts)
  • Timing, channels, and touchpoints to execute each play

Key Steps


Gather data

Review current communication activities and templates for areas of success and opportunity


Engage the key stakeholders

Design communication cadences that align with customer consideration cycles


Develop plays

Create impactful, lasting plays that will generate predictable pipeline