Translate your methodology to your tech stack

Build sales process, playbooks, and methodology into your tech stack to give your team the guidance they need, right where they work.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Effective processes to guide the sale and increase conversion
  • Efficient processes to save time and increase output
  • Accurate reporting and forecasting


  • Recommended data structure, including standard field picklist values, record types, sales processes, and custom fields
  • Intuitive interface with defined layouts and paths
  • Efficient automation to deploy, including validation rules and process builders per object

Key Steps


Finalize requirements

Align and sign off on business and technical requirements with GTM leadership and revenue operations stakeholders



Build out the recommended data structure, interface, and automation based on your custom sales playbooks and processes


Prepare for rollout

Create enablement materials to explain the changes and how they should be used to the team

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