Design your org for growth, scale, and impact

A proper org design for a GTM team is far more than roles and responsibilities. Set your team up for scale with purposeful org design that tightly interlocks with your strategy, growth plan, and KPIs.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • A plan for your organization that scales
  • Comfort that your team will be tracking the KPIs that matter
  • Best practice guidance on team size, role definition, and responsibility matrices based on peer benchmarks


  • Requirements for customer-facing roles, using growth modeling and diagnostic learnings
  • Definition of activities and key metrics for each customer-facing Revenue role
  • Guidance on how to measure activities, and their expected impact at the individual contributor and team level

Key Steps


Identify areas of impact

Identify areas of greatest opportunity based on business strategy and planned growth


Define roles

Identify team members and key activities for those roles


Designate and assign metrics

Map specific KPIs to each activity, role, and team to ensure accountability and contribution