Activate your GTM playbooks and processes

Build your updated playbooks into the team’s everyday rhythm, train your GTM teams on the new processes, and put a plan in place for measuring adherence along the way.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Ensure organization-wide adoption of your redesigned sales, CS, and account-based playbooks
  • Address implementation questions as a group, reducing individual team friction
  • Help your team quickly see the value and start to use new processes right away


  • Workshop (one day or two half-days) delivered via Zoom, attended by all GTM playbook end users
  • Custom content for the workshop based on the newly defined processes
  • Basic training of core playbook concepts

Key Steps


Finalize the playbook

Complete work on any of WbD's playbook programs (Sales, Prospecting, Account Based, Onboarding, or Expansion)


Schedule your workshop

Coordinate a date(s) for your workshop(s) with day of logistics provided


Conduct workshop with your team

Train your GTM team on their new playbook and process, including interactive role plays


Activate your investment

Manage and track the organization-wide adoption of your playbook