Build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Align your entire Revenue team to the right target accounts and segments using firmographic analysis and defined key buyer personas

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Validation that your revenue team is targeting the right ICP
  • Actionable strategies and recommendations for immediate deployment
  • Step-by-step guidance for team members on how to source target accounts


  • Firmographic analysis of your existing customer accounts
  • Definition of your ICP, including key buyer personas within your target accounts
  • Account Market Map with segmentation strategy recommendations for sourcing accounts

Key Steps


Gather data

Review current customer, onboarding, and case study data


Define the process

Identify current processes for account targeting by collaborating with Sales and Marketing


Analyze the market

Evaluate various customer, prospect, and industry data to form your ideal ICP


Provide definition and guidance

Solidify ICP and recommendations for target account sourcing

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