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Sales Operation Center

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


High Velocity Sales Require a Different Approach

Traditionally B2B sales organizations were very distributed, with a sales force that dispatched following the Monday morning sales call – only to return on Thursday night – to write-up the orders on Friday. As organizations evolved, and enabled by conferencing technology, this quickly became sales people working remotely, the NFL cities, to minimize travel cost. This worked well in a world with 9-18 month sales cycles, where speed of communication and learning operated at a slower pace.

A SaaS Sales Team needs a Collaborative Space

In SaaS this however is not necessarily the right solution. With 1-30 days the velocity of the sale is a lot higher – and due to a variety of reasons, the average age of the sales professional is a lot younger. These younger sales teams are accustomed to a more collaborative approach, and as a result, they pick up online sales tools faster, as they teach each other on-the-fly how to use new tools, share best practices etc. What I notice is that best in class SaaS companies have created a different work environment, a more collaborative environment.

The Sales Operations Center

In this video I explain the basic approach to a modern centralized sales organization. A model that is very different from the distributed sales force, and instead leverages the benefits of people sitting in close proximity to each other.

Building your own Sales Ops Center?

Here is some advice: NO ping-pong table! I say this, as an open work environment for ten high energy talking sales professionals (SDR/AE), is radically different compared to a room full of focused engineers.  For more of these insights please click the video above.

Did you recently build a sales operations center? If so, I hope you can share some of your best practices. If you are building a centralized sales force, let me know, and I gladly share some floor plans that I’ve worked on recently to get you going.