As we announced with Sales Hacker earlier this week, Winning By Design and Sales Hacker are on a mission to educate one million SaaS Sales professionals by 2020. Why? First, in many companies, SaaS companies in particular, fewer than 80% of sales reps are meeting their goals. Sales superstars on the team are no longer able to cover the spread of the sheer amount of contributors that are missing their targets, as recently published in a Harvard Business Review. Instead, companies need a systematic and scientific approach to sales, specifically engineered to suit the fast pace nature of the SaaS industry. We also believe that training people to be good communicators might just make the world a better place, but that’s a bigger topic for another day.

Over the past year, Winning By Design has developed new capabilities to help SaaS companies engineer their SaaS Sales Process and sales organization in much the same way as they design and engineer their product:

  1. The Winning By Design SaaS Sales Process now spans the entire customer journey from sales development to customer success with new offerings for provocative sales and account management.
  2. Winning By Design launched a program to help companies start their very own in-house Sales Academy, increasing sales on-boarding velocity and productivity for clients.
  3. Lastly, Winning By Design opened new offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, and South America to bring its services to customers worldwide.

Strategic Sales And Account Management

SaaS companies pioneered more specialized sales roles such as market development, sales development, inside sales, target account sales, customer success, and account management. However, customers still expect a consistent experience. Any modern sales methodology must not only be online, fast-paced, and customer-centric, but must also ensure that all sales roles speak the same language.

Winning By Design already provided services for sales development and inside sales, but recently launched new offerings for provocative selling, a sales methodology especially relevant for large enterprise sales, and account management, helping SaaS companies increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Building 10,000 In-House Sales Academies

Successful SaaS companies such as Box, Amazon Web Services, and HubSpot have long since invested in a dedicated sales productivity function and created an in-house sales academy. Winning by Design has developed a new program to help other high-flyers, such as AdRoll, create and launch their own sales academy. “I was a customer of Winning By Design twice, at Totango and AgilOne, before I joined Winning By Design as a managing partner last year,” said Dominique Levin. “Instead of outside training, we needed help to build a strong and systematic in-house capability to onboard, train, and coach salespeople. Our new Sales Academy Program does exactly that. It combines online learning and public classes with sales enablement, sales automation, call review services, and train-the-trainer modules to empower internal resources to onboard and coach sales personnel on an ongoing basis.”

New Offices In Europe, Asia Pacific, And South America

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we are announcing today that we have opened offices in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Sydney (Australia), and Sao Paulo (Brazil) to serve the European, Asia Pacific, and South American markets respectively. Our goal is to bring Silicon Valley SaaS Sales best practices to growing companies worldwide and to other organizations looking to learn from sales methodologies first pioneered by subscription software companies. Whereas the US market still makes up about sixty percent of the total SaaS market, international markets are growing more rapidly. In Western Europe (the second largest market for SaaS software) growth is 28% a year and in Asia Pacific, (the third largest market) growth for SaaS software is 26.6%, compared to less than twenty percent a year growth in the United States (according to IDC).

What Is Next For SaaS Sales Training?

We are looking to partner with sales visionaries in tech hubs around the United States and with nonprofits interested in using our sales curriculum to help Americans find their way to well-paying sales jobs in the technology sector.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in partnering in one of these ways or if you know of a partner we should contact.

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