SaaS Sales Manager Training


for Discovery Calls and Demos

This workshop targets Sales Managers looking to convert their sales funnel and increase opportunities from initial meeting to proposals stage through improved discovery and demo calls.


Session 1

Master Customer Centric Sales

  • How has sales changed, and what are the key elements of Customer Centric sales methodology?
  • How to coach my team to use advanced question based selling?

Session 2

Anatomy of a Discovery Call

  • How does my team have great and professional meetings every time?
  • Teach your team the fastest way to have meaningful buying conversations with your customers.

Session 3

Account based sales

  • What is the best methodology for different situations? How to use Provocative, Challenger and Consultative sales techniques.

Session 4

Call Reviews

  • How do I give constructive feedback to help coach reps to their best potential?
  • How do I build a strong sales culture dedicated to learning best practices applied to their calls?



Founder Winning By Design and Author Blueprints of a Sales SaaS Organization. Former VP Sales.



You will receive a certificate, Winning playbook, coaching framework, and implementation plan.



$2,000 per participant

Private onsite or remote workshops start at $5000

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