Here we go deeper into some of the key elements we picked up on in part 1 around asynchronous sales processes.

The key message is to learn how the future of sales will develop, and to not be fearful of it, but to learn how to harness its power, and perhaps take a first step already.


1 Recap of the first video
2 Action paths – using Euler, and why every discovery call in your engagement is different
3 Guided action paths – how Markov chains can help us determine the next right action based on realtime data
4 Futuristic vision – how the guidance will help us through complex buying, using micro-actions that are unique to a market, a region, or a segment
5 A word of encouragement – on how exciting the future looks for all of us in sales, and a simple action you can take right now that will put you on the right path for years to come.