Enabling Teams Remotely Around the World

Remote Sales and Customer Success Alliance

Sales and Customer Success teams need to quickly adjust to a new, remote, way of working. By offering complimentary courses and tools available online, we’re encouraging teams globally to leverage these for success and advancement.

When we emerge for our current crisis, we’ll be stronger and better prepared for a new way of working that benefits both employees and customers. Remote sales and customer success jobs can exist. Properly trained individuals can be hired and employed from anywhere. Even geographically distant and disadvantaged areas.

The goal of this Remote Sales and Customer Success Alliance is to empower individuals and businesses across the world; offering employment, a better chance for success, and hope to many.

The following companies offer Sales and Customer Success courses or tools free of charge. These are accessible to all professionals regardless of business type and, if these are not forever free, they are available free of charge for at least 90 days. Any recommendations to add, please let us know!

Complimentary Courses

Remote Selling How-To Videos

Easy to follow instructional videos for perfecting online sales and customer success.
Tiled Microapps

How To Sell Online For Field Sales

Valuable frameworks to engage customers online via video.
Showpad Remote Selling Resource Hub

Remote Selling Hub

Everything you need to make sure your remote teams are engaged, enabled and selling.

Engage With Customers Remotely

Make the transition towards a remote workforce.

How To Master Virtual Enablement

Remotely enable your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Complimentary Tools

xant Platform

Sales Engagement Platform

Helping revenue generation/retention roles as they transition to a work-from-home setting.
Totango Customer Success

Customer Success Platform

Customize your own client success methodology with key activities, goals, and milestones.
PandaDoc Platform

Easy eSignature Solution

A free eSignature solution to keep business doors open and deals coming in
SalesIntel Extensions

Free, human-verified B2B leads

Find your ICP and built a custom list of leads in minutes.
Muck Rack Trends

Discover News Trends

Compare keywords, topics, companies and more on a global scale.

Automated Commission Tracking

Ditch spreadsheets and formulas and simplify commission calculations.

Digital Training, Simplified

Eliminate the friction between your team their ability to be productive

AI Sales Platform

Unify forecasting with deal execution, mitigate risk, and drive revenue.

Reach Up To 3x More Prospects

Keep your Sales team productive working from home.

Connect With The People That Matter

Find and verify professional email addresses

50 Free Professional Leads

Everything you need to boost ROI
Recapped Sales Tool

Client-facing Project Management For Your Deals

Create mutual action plans that hold everyone accountable to next steps

A special thanks to those who help distribute these resources:

Saleshood Platform
Seismic Investments
Intellum Customer Experience Software
Customer management, project management and invoicing