Our Open Course Program offers instructor-led classes for SDRs, AEs, CSMs, AMs and frontline managers. Each course is four live sessions via Zoom video. Most class time is reserved for role play and call reviews. You’ll also receive personalized feedback on weekly exercises.


Our curriculum, by function:


Prospecting Courses

2 sections

Prospecting Training allows you to practice how to do inbound and outbound prospecting, including good voicemail, email, social, and outbound calls.

Account-Based Prospecting Training provides a specialized course for account development reps who are prospecting to target accounts.


Winning Courses

2 sections

SaaS Sales Method Training is our flagship course, giving you an overview of The SaaS Sales Method, a modern process from diagnose, demo, proposal, trade, to commit.

Strategic Sales Training is an advanced course for account executives targeting larger accounts with a provocative sales approach, using a reframe and executive workshop.


Growth Course

1 section

Customer Success Training is our flagship course for customer success managers, covering all skills to onboard new customers and expand existing accounts, including kick off, impact reviews, and renewals.


Growth Course

1 section

Customer Expansion Training is a dedicated course for farmer sales and customer (account) managers who are responsible for expanding existing customers.


Managing Course

1 section

Frontline Manager Training teaches frontline managers how to create a coaching culture and cadence, run effective 1:1s, team meetings, use role plays and call reviews.


Designing Course

1 section

Sales Design Training teaches how to optimize your revenue engine, including marketing, sales, and customer success using a lean and agile inspired sales as a science method.

Upcoming Scheduled Courses

November 2019

North American Timezone (PST)

04nov10:00 amSaaS Sales Method Training - Certification for AEs (November 2019) WbD Speaker: Miya Mee-Lee Dias

04nov12:00 pmProspecting Training - Certification for SDRs (November 2019) WbD Speaker: Victor Adefuye

05nov9:00 amCustomer Success Training - Certification for CSMs and AMs (November) WbD Speaker: Alia Pirani

Central European Timezone (CET)

13nov3:00 pmThe SaaS Sales Method - Winning 1 WbD Speaker: Harold Roegiers & Boris Bedzent

13nov3:00 pmSales As A Science - Designing 1 WbD Speaker: Andy Farquharson

How Our Courses Work

Our Open Courses using The SaaS Sales Method are live online courses that take place over 4 weeks, 2 hours per week, where we’ll teach you the methodology and plays that have been proven in the ultra-competitive, hyper-growth environment of B2B SaaS.

Live Online Sessions

Live, interactive, full contact sessions, designed to educate you on the best practice sales blueprints and participate in active role plays to ensure you can execute these plays with your customers and improve your sales.

Online Learning Journey

Sales Mastery doesn’t happen over night. So you can continue on your learning journey through our mobile, self-paced learning module wich will help you continue to learn and practise the vital skills to Master the customer-centric Winning by Design methodology.

Robust Learning Toolbox

Although we love everything digital sometimes you need to have the hard copy to mark up and continue the learning experience. We will ship you these textbooks, which are loaded with value that goes well beyond the skills we cover in the course.

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