SaaS Sales Method Training for Account Executives

A Winning by Design Open Course

This course is great for

  • AEs who are new in role

  • AEs looking to hone their core skills

  • SDRs preparing for an AE role

What you’ll get out of this course

This course teaches AEs the key skills they need to bring more impact to their customers. The modules will show AEs how to have more effective conversations, use best practices in discovery and demo, and how to orchestrate late-stage conversations to close.

This course is often used as part of the onboarding program for sales reps who are new to your team, but it’s also great for reps who want to hone their technique.

WbD Certificate Mastership in Sales


Week 1: The SaaS Sales Method

  • The SaaS Sales Methodology
  • The science of effective communication

Week 2: Diagnose

  • Blueprint for a perfect discovery call
  • Diagnose with question-based selling

Week 3: Prescribe

  • Driving impact and urgency with critical events
  • Prescribe through storytelling

Week 4: Commit

  • How to prescribe with a demo
  • Trade vs. negotiate

Here’s an example of what you’ll learn

How to nail a demo

Making it about the customer

How to have efficient meetings

Course details

Each course includes

        • Four weeks of lessons, with one 2-hour live session each week
        • Delivered via Zoom video conference
        • Exclusive access to blueprints, videos, and exercises
        • Industry-recognized certification

Price per seat

$1,500 USD

Maximum seats per company



Time Optimized For
Start Date
June 2

Tues, June 2 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Tues, June 9 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Tues, June 16 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Tues, June 23 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Chris DeNoia

June 3

Wed, June 3 10am-12pm Central European Time

Wed, June 10 10am-12pm Central European Time

Wed, June 17 10am-12pm Central European Time

Wed, June 24 10am-12pm Central European Time

Boris Bedzent