Frontline Manager Training for Sales Managers and CS Managers

A Winning by Design Open Course

This course is great for

  • New Sales & CS managers
  • Sales and CS reps who are interested in being promoted to manager
  • Newly promoted sales reps in a Team Lead position

What you’ll get out of this course

Managing a sales team requires entirely different skills from the role of an individual sales rep. This course teaches frontline managers how to create a coaching culture within their team, how to run effective 1:1s and team meetings, and how to use role plays and call reviews to improve the team’s ability to positively impact customers

WbD Certificate Mastership in Sales Org Design

Week 1: The REKS Coaching Framework

  • Pillars of coaching
  • Execute roleplays for skill-building

Week 2: Effort to Knowledge

  • Structuring a coaching cadence
  • High impact coaching

Week 3: Knowledge to Skills

  • Great questions coaches ask
  • Structure of 1:1 meetings

Week 4: Ongoing Skill Development

  • How to handle candid conversations with productive feedback
  • Run team meetings for skill development

Here’s an example of what you’ll learn

How to design a standardized data model for SaaS organizations

How to design a customer centric sales process

How to perform a world-class discovery call

Course details

Each course includes

        •  Four weeks of lessons, with one 2-hour live session each week
        • Delivered via Zoom video conference
        • Exclusive access to blueprints, videos, and exercises
        • Industry-recognized certification

Price per seat

$2,500 USD

Maximum seats per company



Time Optimized For
Start Date
August 4

Tues, Aug 4 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Tues, Aug 11 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Tues, Aug 18 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Tues, Aug 25 10am-12pm Pacific Time

Jerimiah Lancaster