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Online Workshop | Efficient v. Effective

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


Today we hosted an online workshop with a group of ambitious and curious sales professionals, our special guest for the session was Silicon Valley Sales guru, Jacco vanderKooij.

As this was an interactive workshop the topics flowed with the questions from the audience, we covered quite a lot of territory!

The focus of the workshop was go to market strategies, Jacco took to the whiteboard encouraged everyone to look at their approach through an effective versus efficient lens.

online workshop

There were a couple of key themes that came out of the talk;

Effective v. Efficient

Outbound calls and emails are effective at achieving scale but are incredibly inefficient.

To achieve scale create engaging events, not boring one way webinars but live events where you, the expert, can make a connection and share insights. You can then repurpose your events, write a blog post, share it on social media and this content will reach more people and live well beyond the end of the event.

Use content as your outbound call

Create authentic stories, engaging your prospect about their problems and not pitching your solution.

Use your content as your outbound call, leverage the forums like LinkedIn, Facebook and quora to distribute in fortnightly or monthly and respond to your prospects when they engage with you.

Video is a fantastic tool for lead generation. By creating a custom content leveraging video, using a whiteboard and a targeted message it will become your new outbound call. It can also be used to progress a deal. Check Aussie video messaging tool Bonjoro

When you have a great meeting, you can summarise the meeting and share it with your coach at the prospect organisation who can then distribute that to the stakeholders in the business, giving you, the expert, the opportunity to speak to key stakeholders through video.

“You are your unique selling point”

Relevance is more important than personalisation

The challenge with a lot of the highly efficient outbound tactics is that they try to engage the prospect with personalisation, the challenge is that these tactics are getting tired and technology is failing many sales reps, presenting incorrect personalisation which poor reps are distributing at scale.

Relevance will trump personalisation every time! {click to Tweet}

At the end of the workshop we asked all of the attendees what was their key take aways from the hour long session;

“Being relevant is more difficult but more powerful”

“Lead with the insight”

“Timing for content… i have been sending weekly, great insights overall”

“Use video to make it personal”

“Asking what the client wants out of our meeting”

If you would like to get a recording of the live workshop please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to seeing you at the next live workshop.

Happy Selling!