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Impact of Online on B2B Sales

Jacco van der Kooij

Written by Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Winning by Design


Over the past years, a lot has been said about the online journey and how this is impacting the way clients buy. In this week’s sales talk I like to share with you how I experience the impact online has, on B2B sales, across the different SaaS companies I work with.

Impact of online differs greatly!

What can you do? Adjust to your clients needs!

As a sales professional, you most likely know how your clients use online as part of the sales cycle, and how to optimize for the best experience. An example below:

  • For self-serve online clients: Provide a great online experience – focus on the educational part – where you not only provide your clients with lots of info on your service itself but also provides your client with content that helps them sell your service internally, such as industry reference material, links to 3rd party blog posts etc.
  • For a high-velocity client: Make it easy and fast for the client to purchase your service. Provide online documents, credit card processing etc. This is for clients who have done their due diligence, and they want to get started straight away. As a company you need to establish a High Velocity path – for example you may opt for the SDR to provide the advice, and help the client make a purchase right then and there. Many companies struggle with this as they still want to involve the AE who is trained to step through a discovery call, etc and this may actually delay the deal, decrease winning chances etc.
  • For larger companies (SMBs), where multiple decision-makers, spread over different departments get involved, you still need to deploy AEs in an online sales operations center who apply consultative /provocative sales skills and use online tools, to help the client through the entire decision, launch, and recurring use process. In this case, your team needs to excel in online sales, help your client gain awareness, educate them, and help them sell internally to folks from other departments. Many of whom will click on your web-site, google your company, follow you on twitter, look you up on Linkedin etc.
  • For F1000 Enterprises, the value of the online journey is primarily awareness. So you still can ask your CEO for budget/headcount to deploy a premium priced (F)AE in NY to meet regularly with local financial institutions to provide on-site presentations and demonstrations.

Learn more?

These are the lessons gained working with over 50 SaaS sales organizations in the past 24 months.  More lessons on how to build scalable SaaS organizations can be found in a book we recently launched “Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization“.  In this book, we share best practices on how to design, implement, and launch scalable SaaS Sales organizations.